Baylen | 9 months


Sweet little Baylen is one of our baby planners and we can’t believe we’ll be shooting his last session of his baby plan in June. Thinking about how fast his first year has gone by I ran across this poem and thought even of my own little ones and all of our Sweet Peach Babies and it really hit me how precious time is so please parents lets take time-

Take Time
Take time to tickle,
To kiss and to hug;
Take time to giggle,
To talk and to love.
Perhaps there’s a lot
That needs done today,
But take just a minute
To stop and to play.
They need you right now,
And soon they’ll be grown.
Soak up the memories
While they’re still at home.
Take time to show them
They’re worth the time spent.
The amount of time shared
Should never be a regret.
-Jenn Gigowski

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