Month: April 2015

Logan | Senior


Meet Logan, High School Senior class of 2015 from Athens High School. She happens to be mine (Cody’s) youngest cousin on my side. She had her boyfriend Cameron tag along and join in on some of her pictures as well. We had a great session, glad she finally got in front of my camera because she did great. Can’t believe she’s graduating next month. So happy they chose me to capture this huge milestone in her life. So excited for you and wish you the best Logan!

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Baylen | 9 months


Sweet little Baylen is one of our baby planners and we can’t believe we’ll be shooting his last session of his baby plan in June. Thinking about how fast his first year has gone by I ran across this poem and thought even of my own little ones and all of our Sweet Peach Babies and it really hit me how precious time is so please parents lets take time-

Take Time
Take time to tickle,
To kiss and to hug;
Take time to giggle,
To talk and to love.
Perhaps there’s a lot
That needs done today,
But take just a minute
To stop and to play.
They need you right now,
And soon they’ll be grown.
Soak up the memories
While they’re still at home.
Take time to show them
They’re worth the time spent.
The amount of time shared
Should never be a regret.
-Jenn Gigowski

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McCoy | Gender Reveal


Our friends came to me with this idea to announce their pregnancy a few months ago, we laughed quite a bit while trying to capture the bubble pictures. It took many attempts and some help from Amanda for Matt to get a good bubble. Practice makes perfect right? Congratulations to our friends who will welcome Baby Sutton in July. So excited to meet him and have him as one of our Sweet Peach Babies.

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Sidney | Hospital


First blog post in almost a year, I’m about to fall out that I finally got one put together. Sorry we had some big things in our life happen over the last year like Ashley got married and built a house and Cody had a baby and sold a house. So hopefully we can keep up now with occasional posts. You don’t see hospital sessions on our page much and that’s because it’s something we just opened up to all clients and not just family and close¬†friends. Zach and Jessica have been friends of mine (Cody) for quite a few years and Zach has sold two of my homes. We’ll see Miss Sidney next month for her 3 month session so keep your eye out for more of this beautiful family. Also be sure to check out our Facebook page for our most recent work and follow us on IG sweetpeachphotography.

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