Month: July 2013

Drake | 9 Months


Is Drake not just the cutest little guy?! We were so glad that we got to capture this little cutie at 9 months! This is his “what am I going to be when I grow up session” 🙂 He has so many options to choose from and we bet he will do great at whatever he decides.


IMG_0777_1 IMG_0787_1IMG_8797IMG_8757IMG_8770BW




Brittney & Grant | Wedding


I had the honor of shooting Ashley’s brother Grant’s wedding on November 24th, 2012 at the Ledges. It was a beautiful wedding and I had a great time capturing this special time for Grant & Brittney. Sitting back watching the excitement of the family would make anyone emotional as you could see the strong love they have for each other. I had so much fun at the reception watching everyone dance and have a great time. Their daughter Gracie even kept up with everyone on the dance floor and was the hit of the party. Thanks again to the entire family for letting me capture the wedding while Ashley was in front of the camera for once.


IMG_8271_1IMG_0058IMG_8288_1IMG_8346_1 IMG_8664_1IMG_7631_1IMG_8641_1 IMG_8620_1 IMG_8599_1 IMG_8589_1 IMG_8582_1 IMG_8469_1 IMG_8690_1IMG_8902_1IMG_8947_1IMG_7554_1 IMG_7371_1 IMG_8367_1 IMG_7786_1 IMG_8205_1 IMG_7438_bw


Jenna & Parker | Wedding


Jenna and Parker are such a beautiful couple! The love that you can see between them is so amazing. We loved being able to capture their wedding up on Monte Sano mountain in November. It was such a beautiful wedding and day! We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0012.jpg IMG_0026.jpg IMG_0029.jpgIMG_0430.jpg

IMG_0034.jpg IMG_0036.jpg IMG_0043.jpg IMG_0049.jpg IMG_0054.jpg IMG_0056.jpg IMG_0068.jpg IMG_0125.jpg IMG_0136.jpg IMG_0183.jpg IMG_0225.jpg IMG_0321.jpg IMG_0334.jpg IMG_0345.jpg IMG_0361.jpg IMG_0391.jpg IMG_0398.jpg IMG_0425.jpg

Haley & Grant | Creekside Plantation Wedding


I (Cody) go back to GI Joe’s, Barbies, video games, and riding the bus to school with Grant. We were neighbors growing up, and I was super thrilled when they asked us to be such a big part of their wedding. They are wonderful genuine friends of ours and we enjoy seeing their love grow for one another. Enjoy some of the images from their beautiful wedding day on November 10th, 2012 at Creekside Plantation in Mooresville, AL.


IMG_0274.jpg IMG_0288.jpg IMG_0311.jpg IMG_0488.jpg IMG_0509.jpg IMG_0567.jpg IMG_0603.jpg IMG_0607.jpg IMG_0693.jpg IMG_0704.jpgIMG_1005.jpg

IMG_0752.jpg IMG_0859.jpg IMG_0957.jpg IMG_0972.jpg

IMG_1025.jpg IMG_1059.jpg IMG_1074.jpg IMG_1094.jpg IMG_1111.jpg IMG_1137.jpg IMG_1150.jpg IMG_1170.jpg IMG_1175.jpg IMG_1179.jpg

Elizabeth & Brandon | Engagement


Elizabeth and Brandon are sweet friends of ours that got engaged last year and they got married May 18th, 2013 in Savannah, GA. Their engagement session was at Green Mountain and it was such a beautiful day with pretty sunlight peeking through the trees. We were so excited when they asked us to take their engagement and wedding pictures. We can’t wait to share more from their wedding either. IMG_5595 IMG_5705 IMG_5766 IMG_5814 IMG_5834 IMG_5883 IMG_6392_1



Maegan & Matt | Wedding


Maegan and Matt got married on October 20th, 2012 in the field behind her parents home with the reception in their barn. Words cannot even begin to describe how beautiful Maegan and Matt are as a couple. There was no mistaking just how in love that they are! We loved being able to capture such a special day for them. Their wedding was so much fun and so laid back! We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness 🙂


IMG_0083.jpg IMG_0085.jpg IMG_0115.jpg IMG_0151.jpg IMG_0207.jpg IMG_0211.jpg IMG_0213.jpg IMG_0234.jpgIMG_0445.jpgIMG_0245.jpgIMG_0338IMG_0334IMG_0376IMG_0395IMG_0491

IMG_0531.jpgIMG_0729IMG_0526 IMG_0577 IMG_0536 IMG_0596IMG_0562IMG_0737.jpg IMG_0760.jpg IMG_0766.jpg IMG_0769.jpg IMG_0777.jpg IMG_0783.jpg IMG_0785.jpg IMG_0794.jpg IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0817.jpg IMG_0834.jpg IMG_0851.jpg IMG_0856.jpg IMG_0859.jpg IMG_0870.jpg IMG_0872.jpg
IMG_0874.jpg IMG_0881.jpg IMG_0885.jpg IMG_0888.jpg